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Solutions that Work

Get Ahead of the Game

If you’re a small or medium-sized company, you’ve likely built your business from the ground up. But now you’re ready to think bigger, more strategically. You know you must change to keep that competitive edge. But you don’t have the resources to do this on your own.

That's how we help.

From our first conversation, you can look to us as you would a loyal business partner.

No canned programs here. Instead, we incorporate our own DISCOVERY assessment process to identify unseen roadblocks that are preventing you from achieving greater growth, increased sales, happier employees, and a skilled workforce.

We get to know you and your team – union, non-union, front-line supervisors, top management –all levels – so we understand the total picture, analyzing your issues and becoming a catalyst for the change you need.

Still not sure? Read what others say.


Being a part of The Ohio State University connects you with world-class, research-based educational programming that creates positive change, meaningful results and lasting impact.

Whether it’s coaching, consulting, or training – or a combination of all three -- we’ll help you improve your business performance to achieve the outcomes you want and the impact you need.

From industrial job mastery training and certification to problem-solving and safety skills training, and critical front-line soft skills, we’ll keep the teaching interactive and the learning easy so your teams are better equipped to make decisions, lead by example, produce better results.

Don’t let your training budget be part of the billions of dollars wasted in the U.S. each year on ineffective, useless training. Let us help you invest your training budget wisely.


Moving forward as an organization is vital for survival. Our team's DISCOVERY process helps to identify your challenges and your strengths, while analyzing the degree of your organization’s excellence. With the Alber team's professional experience, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the range of your team’s leadership strengths
  • Evaluate performance from your team’s perspective
  • Analyze the implications of your organization's culture
  • Develop priorities for a customized plan to take you to the next level

Using our proven, professional network, we'll identify the right Solution Provider(s) – vetted and verified experts with the skills and experience to solve your challenges, and the personality to match your needs.

By working directly with us, you will save the time, trouble and money in searching for the most appropriate, impactful solution. Clients tell us this removes a heavy burden and enables them to concentrate on their day-to-day operations.



Bring It On!

We deliver nationally recognized, proven programs, including:

  • CliftonStrengths®:
    An online assessment that identifies your strengths and shows how to apply them within your organization;
  • Lean Six Sigma:
    An effective process improvement methodology and strategy often used for cultural change and leadership development;
  • Leadership Challenge®:
    Providing skills to teach anyone to become an exemplary leader.

We'll save you the hassle of finding the right solution. Call today for your complimentary one-hour consultation.

Turnover Woes? Turn to Us!

Have you ever considered how these factors might reduce turnover at your organization?

  • Soft Skill Enhancement
  • Simplified Work Schedules
  • Benefits/Insurance/Pay
  • Supervisor Leadership Training
  • Professional Development
  • Improved Communication
  • Skill Mastery

Let us help reduce your turnover and improve your bottom line.