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Issue Management Process

Are you faced with a complex issue in your work, school, or life that is impacting your productivity, performance, and goal attainment? You of those that keeps you awake at night because you have all kinds of ideas to solve it jumbled in your head but you don’t know where to start? The BRIDGE is a six-step process for solving complex issues that will bring clarity to your issue and give you a tangible road map to design a comprehensive solution in HOURS instead of struggling with it for months…or years.


The BRIDGE is useful for:

 -complex problems with no recognizable cause-and-effect relationship for the solution

-a solution that requires a new, creative, innovative approach that involves several interconnected components, and minor changes to one could adversely impact another.

Decisions, Decisions.

Are you using the right method to make decisions? As a leader, what kinds of decisions do you need to make on a daily basis? Chances are, they are not all simple ones that all you have to do is look up the answer somewhere, such as in a procedure manual. Read More


Clients Speak Up

"I was struggling with identifying a way to make our building inspections more efficient. The BRIDGE helped me to produce a plan to automate the reporting process, which ultimately will allow us to do more inspections and fire prevention training." 
                                                                         - Fire Captain, Municipal Fire Department
"Our ad-hoc team was charged with increasing the number of applicants in our technical talent pool. The BRIDGE pulled our thoughts together so that we could talk through the challenges and see clear solutions helped us focus and create a comprehensive plan."
                                                       -Training Manager, Global Automotive Manufacturer
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