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Your Partners for Innovation and Impact

Expert Teamwork

Beside You All the Way

Your first step? Meeting with an Organization Development Consultant. Each has a working knowledge of the most common problems in the workplace – and will carefully analyze and creatively resolve your organizational challenge.

With your input, we'll develop a personalized plan with specific timelines and key outcomes. We'll find the resources you need to transform your organization. Whether it's consulting, coaching, training – or all three – we'll help you get to the root of the problem. And solve it.

Throughout your project, your Organization Development Consultant remains your key contact, keeping the project on time and on budget. And when we're finished, we don't disappear. We're there to discuss results, make recommendations, report impact, and remain your trusted, transparent partner.

Solution Providers Deliver

Once we have a complete understanding of your project, we will identify the best Solution Provider to deliver your training, coaching or consulting. We verify and vet each Provider, saving you time and money in researching and interviewing sources on your own. We insure the "perfect match" to deliver the greatest impact for you.

Each Solution Provider has:

  • A working knowledge of your business, the problem and the results you need
  • A breadth of experience in solving challenges like yours
  • Respect, objectivity, trust
  • Ability to engage individuals and teams

We provide continuous communication, feedback, follow-up and recommendations. Let's talk today.



Small but Mighty!

Using the words of one of our clients, we are a small but mighty force. As the Center's director, Myra Wilson leads the way.

"When I was hired to lead the Alber Enterprise Center, I thought I knew how to be a manager and leader. I studied the best authors, experienced many management styles, and listened to employees' reactions, praise and complaints. I taught leadership development courses. I knew the importance of listening, problem-solving, performance management, understanding conflict, and how to engage employees to move an organization forward.

Then a phone call from a certified coach transformed our team into a high-speed powerhouse that doubled our deliverables in six short months. Two key lessons during this process:

  1. Let go of the details and delegate them to others
  2. Empower others to take ownership of their jobs

This objective assessment not only made me a better leader and manager, it elevated our performance and expanded our client base.

I can't wait to help you transform your organization. or email me today!"

Our team's goals for clients:

  • To become a genuine partner
  • To show you how you can transform your organization using our tools and resources
  • To ensure that you continually experience service that far exceeds your expectations