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Student Leadership Excellence

Purpose of Program: To equip local high school administrators, teachers and selected staff with high quality, research-based leadership skills, and to impart those same skills to selected high school students. Leadership skills, for high school students, is not something that can simply be 'caught' along the way; rather, these skills must be taught with intention.

Overview of the Program: This three-part process starts with the leadership team of high school administrators, teachers and selected staff participating in the 8-hour Leadership Excellence program. Next, those pre-selected from the initial group will participate in a 20-hour Student Leadership Excellence Train-the-Trainer program, equipping them to teach the Leadership Excellence program to high school students within their school district. Finally, the trainers will teach the 14-hour Student Leadership Excellence program to select high school students, proctor the final exam and oversee the practicum. 

Who should participate: Any school district who wishes to improve their operations and equip students with the same, in-demand leadership skillset. Want to hear from high school students? WATCH VIDEO.

Fact Sheet answers most questions.

For more details about the student program, check out the Student Leadership Curriculum. 




3 phases of Student Leadership Excellence are outlined with text in boxes.