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Testimonials Speak Volumes

"The Alber Enterprise Center is the business and economic development spear for the State of Ohio. Having the OSU connection and their scope of services made it easy to see they could really help us – and they have."  

"I knew we needed to do something in the way of corporate culture... so when I heard about the Alber Enterprise Center I was intrigued. Having the Ohio State connection and their scope of services made it easy. I really wanted to re-engage our front-line supervisors... and connect our back office function with them. I wanted everyone to see the bigger picture, too. It's blossomed into a more engaged, connected culture within our organization. And that's important – we care for 4,000 residents in 14 states. We also piloted a front-line supervisor training program. Alber is perfect for this. They're close to home. They have great resources. Thanks to Alber, we created our own Leadership Development track. It's working so well that we're taking our model to other organizations."

– Rev. Kenneth Daniel, President & CEO
United Church Homes, Marion, OH

"I definitely recommend them! It was a great investment in our people. There's been payback for sure."  

"We had built our business over 40 years... But we had to take a more strategic position... The Alber Enterprise Center really helped us be creative in our thinking. They helped us look honestly and in-depth at our company and really define where we wanted to go for the next 40 years. We needed to have a plan and stick to it. They had better eyes to see how we could improve morale, better serve our customers, and communicate better. I definitely recommend them! Especially if you're a small business – because you don't always have the resources or expertise to do this on your own. This has been a really good use of our dollars. We see our partnership with Alber as an investment. We felt we had to invest in our people. If people aren't engaged and processes aren't streamlined, what's the cost of that?"

– Anne Cowen, Special Projects Coordinator
Cowen Truck Line, Inc., Perrysville, OH

"We absolutely found the right partnership with the Alber Enterprise Center. The entire team is amazing to work with and truly goes above and beyond to meet our needs."  

"We partnered with the Alber Enterprise Center and were able to create a 'best in class' training guide. Alber leveraged technology to provide our trainees with an app that continued relevant training topics for six weeks after the live training. Through this technology, we are able to provide aggregate metrics to senior leadership on topics learned and applied appropriately. The entire team is amazing to work with and truly goes above and beyond on a regular basis to meet our needs. We ABSOLUTELY found the right partnership with the Alber Enterprise Center."

– Krista Somershoe, Human Resources Generalist
RelaDyne, Blue Ash, OH