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Elder Care Certificate

For years, the long term services and supports industry has faced the challenge of attracting and retaining qualified direct-care employees. Now, with the growing older population, this workforce is in crisis dut to high turnover, inadequate training and other factors. 

In 2017, the results of the Elder Care Certificate pilot program were very successful. It was developed through collaboration with four long term care organizations across Ohio: United Church Homes, Ohio Living, Ohio Eastern Star and National Residences - to help address this crisis.

"Participants frequently reflect upon their growth and expres how their service delivery has been transformed from simply performing routine job duties to truly partnering with the resident to provide quality care, comfort and joy..." stated Scott Slutz, HR Vice President, United Church Homes.

Anyone who cares for or interacts with older adults will find the Elder Care Certificate Program a wealth of information about issues facing our aging population.  This program will transform the way participants work with elders and enhance their status as caring individuals. 

Specifically, particpants in this program will:

  • gain expertise in dealing with the aging population
  • gain an understanding of the challenges that seniors face
  • be better equipped with the interpersonal tools to function as contributing members of a team serving the aging

​​Read more about how this program is being recognized and expanded to make a difference in the lives of the aging, across the state of Ohio.