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Myra Wilson


"My 30-plus years of solving diverse organizational challenges – from customer service, employee performance, teambuilding, growth and change – will take your organization to the next level."

M.S. Communication, Education and Leadership, The Ohio State University; B.S. Business/Organization Communications, Otterbein University

Did You Know? "I love working in my flower gardens."


Anne Johnson


"I have a passion to collaborate with others, to listen to their needs, to walk alongside them and help find solutions."

M.S. Strategic Leadership, Mountain State University; B.S. Business Administration, Franklin University

Did You Know?"I love to sing and do theater." 

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Gary Kuhn


"I like to help clients drill-down to discover their real issues… then work together to identify the best means to resolve them."

Master's in Religious Education/Cross-Cultural Communication, Cornerstone University; B.S. Animal Science, The Ohio State University

Did You Know? "I learned to speak Filipino (or Tagalog) when I lived abroad for eight years."



Alice Hutzel-Bateson


"As Communications and Marketing Coordinator, I help support our clients' changing needs by communicating clearly and concisely."

Master's in Public Policy and Management, The Ohio State University John Glenn School of Public Affairs; B.A. Communications, University of Toledo

Did You Know? "I love bicycling and ride in the 'MS Bike to the Bay' (100 miles x 2 days) every year."


Kori Montgomery


"I always put our clients first. Everything I do is for our clients and our team; without them, my job as Project Coordinator wouldn't exist."

B.S. The Ohio State University, Psychology

Did You Know? "I can juggle: balls, rings, clubs – and fire!"