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You know you're good. Better than average. But you need to do more. Work smarter. Think bigger. You've tried your own solutions from within, but your results are the same.

Then a light bulb goes off. You discover the Alber Enterprise Center, backed by the world-renowned strength of The Ohio State University, Ohio State Extension and accomplished consultants who provide the impact, innovation and inspiration to help you solve your toughest workplace challenges.

As your partner, we provide unparalleled attention, create your customized solution and become your trusted resource. We address your specific needs.And, we help you become champions in your own right.

Read what our clients say. Learn how partnering with us will help you think in new ways. Discover hidden opportunities. Grow your bottom line, moving you forward like never before.

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Changing Behaviors, Developing New Habits

No matter how well the workshop content and presenter can excite and motivate learners, days after the training, most learners forget 90% of their training and can quickly revert to old habits.  It is as if the training never took place at all! The latest research in how we learn best is clear: Changing ingrained habits takes time to apply new skills, reflect on results, and apply the new behaviors again and again. That is why our unique approach includes one-on-one coaching as well as supplemental material sent to their computers or mobile devices to reinforce the learning (Mindmarker®). 


Register now for the "5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership" workshop in Columbus (May 15)

Register now for "Breakthrough Communication" workshop in Marion (July 26)



The Ohio State University’s Paralegal Professional Certificate of Completion recognized as one of the best! just released the results of a months-long assessment of more than 250 accredited schools offering pre-degree certificate programs in paralegal studies. We’re proud to announce that The Ohio State University’s Paralegal Professional Certificate of Completion was named one of the Best Certificate Programs for 2018!