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Creating Innovation and Impact in Businesses Across the Buckeye State

You know you're good. Better than average. But you need to do more. Work smarter. Think bigger. You've tried your own solutions from within, but your results are the same.

Then a light bulb goes off. You discover the Alber Enterprise Center, backed by the world-renowned strength of The Ohio State University, Ohio State Extension and accomplished consultants who provide the impact, innovation and inspiration to help you solve your toughest workplace challenges.

As your partner, we provide unparalleled attention, create your customized solution and become your trusted resource. We address your specific needs.And, we help you become champions in your own right.

Read what our clients say. Learn how partnering with us will help you think in new ways. Discover hidden opportunities. Grow your bottom line, moving you forward like never before.

Let's have a conversation today!

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Unleash the Power of Lean Six Sigma 

Position yourself for promotion!  

"This program is the best I've ever seen," said the plant manager, a Black Belt, after his employees completed the Alber Enterprise Center course. Lean Six Sigma is a disciplined process improvement approach focused on reducing waste, increasing customer satisfaction, and reducing variability for improved profits, among other benefits. The course is taught with a Blended approach: e-learning, online webinars and small, interactive classes - by a certified Master Black Belt. You’ll apply concepts to real problems to cement the learning process. Plus, you can get on-the-job support for project challenges.  A grade of 80% or better earns your certification!  Learn more and Register

Need a Presenter?

Whether your group is a social or civic organization, or Chamber of Commerce, Alber Enterprise Center provides trained, industry experts for you - at no charge. These are typically brief, one hour or less overviews of a particular topic and they're often provided over a lunch or breakfast gathering. Subjects vary but could include anything from team-building to communication to leadership development...and everything in between.  To discuss your needs, contact us.